Dead unhappy

Our insurance partners have told us we can't accept new life insurance customers at the moment. We wish it was different, we believe it should be different, but unfortunately not everyone agrees.

To all our existing customers please don't worry, your policies are unaffected.

DeadHappy Customers

Existing customers can access their life insurance online as normal. As a reminder your online account gives you access to:

  • View and manage deathwishes
  • Edit and change contact information
  • View payment details, schedule and history
  • View and download policy documents
  • Help, support and account cancellation

DeadHappy Visitors

Although we can no longer accept new life insurance customers at the moment, we're still here to help if you have any questions. You can still:

  • Chat with a happiness honcho
  • Send them gifts and messages of love and support
  • Learn more about DeadHappy
  • Follow/Troll us on social media
  • Make a complaint
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My guarantee

Will I still be able to reset my guarantee?

Yes of course. You'll still get the opportunity to reset your guarantee every year. We're all authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, so even if we were no longer around, our insurance partners would still honour what you signed up for.

Although life insurance might look incredibly easy on the surface, there's a lot of moving parts going on underneath. Sometimes a part can break, and in this instance we're doing our very best to fix it.

No. It has absolutely nothing to do with your payout. The broken part only effects customers that aren’t customers yet. Anyone that want’s to be a customer. New people basically.

No. Absolutely not. Life insurance is authorised and regulated for a reason. Your policy is protected and you can still log into your account to manage as normal. Please get in touch if there’s anything in particular you’re concerned about.

Do bears drop their kids off in the woods? Of course you can...

Click on the chat button or send us an email at and we’ll get back you as soon as possible.

Our intention is to not cause anyone any harm or distress. We’re trying to be as honest and transparent as we can. There’s absolutely no need to canel your life insurance policy because of this, however it’s also important to point out that we are not authorised to give advice . If you’re feeling particularly distressed, please get in touch with us and we’ll do our best to help you out.